Referral for Support

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Referral for Support
This is a newly developed support scheme for clients who can access and use technology to receive video calls from a trained volunteer. When face to face contact is not possible, video calls enable clients to receive distance support from Speak With IT. By accessing a platform like Zoom people with aphasia are able to work on computer therapy with the support of a volunteer by utilising the screen sharing option.
E.g. which are they most familiar with or comfortable using.
Background information
Please advise us all relevant information pertaining to your patient’s aphasic condition and any other relevant information that will help us to provide support. Please include a Printed Report from the program used where possible.
e.g. do they attend any groups for support?
Files must be less than 3 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.
Speak With IT request that clients are annually assessed by one of the charity’s speech and language therapists to ensure guidance is up to date and ask that clients make a £25 contribution towards the cost of this assessment.
Speak With IT asks that clients who are supported by the charity make a £10 donation to the charity after each appointment with a volunteer. Alternatively, the client can set up a monthly £10 standing order. Please tick the most appropriate answer: